Q & A's: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Frequently Asked Questions: (see below)

Our most common and frequently asked questions (FAQ's) are quickly answered here to help you get going faster, or you may wish to email us your question, click on the contacts button below:

Q.   Do I need to register as a user before I can get a quote?
A. No, our website design is an open source allowing you to get your quote without providing any details at all, 24/7. It's only if you wish to save your quote, then you will need to create a log-in account.

Q.   Are your prices competitive with larger hardware retailers?
A. Yes, definitely.  


Q.   What sort of quality are your cabinets?
A.  OzFlatPacks takes pride in manufacturing exceptional flat pack products and all are locally made. We use the best Australian board on the market, the latest CNC machinery and quality German hardware. Everything is 1st class, we don't cut corners .


Q.   Do your cabinets come with doors?
A.  Yes, the doors and drawer fronts are included. Our cabinets can be ordered with everything you need, i.e.: extra shelves, handles, applied end panels, fillers, kick boards. It's up to you what inclusions you require, you can order exactly what you need. Explained here 

Note:  Doors and drawer fronts are not supplied with the 'Carcass Only' quote option. 

Q.   How do I get a quote?
A. OzFlatPacks developed our website to be a totally on-line quoting/ordering portal to enable you to create the quote that you need instantly, 24/7.

  • Select from the "Get Started Here >>" option (at the top left of the home page).
  • Simply select on the category that you want (Complete Packages, Individual Cabinets, etc)
  • Start quoting!

Explained here  


Q.  How do I order a laminated bench top?
A.  Explained in this link: 


Q.   If I select the 'submit' button on my quote,  does this now mean it is a job?
A.  When you are submitting your quotation, you are sending it for validation. Your quote remains a quote until such time that a deposit is paid.


Q.   Can you give me a rough estimate on what an average flatpack cabinet would cost?
A. Smart Cabinets are made up of different parts and each part size varies depending on the cabinets size (custom height, width and depth dimensions). Not only that, but within each actual cabinet there are further customizable options such as: type of hinges, drawer runners and handle options - which also affect the price. Plus the cabinets have the ability to have kick boards added, seen (applied) side panels and/or fillers included. Finally there is the material choice (colour & material selection)  - All of these factors affect the final cabinet price.

TIP: Give it a go - try entering in a cupboard and it will return you instant pricing. Click on the information buttons below to get started.



Q. What is the minimum order quantity that I can order?
A.  Explained in this link 


Q. Can I order hardware only?
A.  No Sorry. Explained in this link 


Q.   I only have a small job, surely that means that I can get this quicker?
A.  Small orders are more difficult to judge, as you may have to wait until these can be combined with a larger order of the same material, so this will depend on what jobs we have got in the system at the time that the deposit is received.

Note: Tiny orders are not really our market or what we are set-up to do (as we are a bespoke flat pack manufacture, everything run-to-order), so we will first need to determine whether we are able to do this job in the first place, before we can estimate any approximate time frames. Explained in this link 


Q.  Can you give me hints on the best way to measure up a room?
A.  Happy to assist and give you hints.  Explained here  


Q.   I wish to go-ahead, what's next?
A.  Paying a 25% deposit is acceptance of the job and will get your job underway. See here 


Q.   What are your Lead Times?
A. Time frames are based on the lead time of the materials ordered, batching & optimising of jobs and how busy the factory outlet is at the time of the processed order.

From deposit received to ready in factory, here are the following estimated lead times:-
Typically Carcass Only / Robe Finishes take approximately 3 weeks
Typically Laminate Finishes take approximately 4 weeks 
Typically Vinyl Finishes take approximately 4-5 weeks
Typically Painted Finishes take approximately 10-12 weeks (as these need an extra process of having to go to a spray painter to get done and it just depends upon how busy the spray painters are at the time).

Typically Laminate bench tops take approximately 4 weeks

Note: Leads times also depend on material availability and current works loads of the factory at the time that the order is placed. Also, completion times can blow out closer to Easter / Christmas breaks.

Tip: If you have other trades to organise, we recommend that you do not firm up any dates with them until you have received confirmation of your order being ready and complete in our factory.


Q.   I would like the inside of my cupboards behind the doors (i.e. the carcass) to be in an alternative colour (other than white), can I order this?
A.  The internal of the cupboards will always be quoted as white unless you have specifically requested it and had your job priced accordingly. 

If you do request this, it will be costly. Explained in this link 


Q.   I would like my wardrobe inserts to be in an alternative colour (other than white), can I order this?
A.  Wardrobe inserts will always be quoted as white unless you have specifically requested it and had your job priced accordingly. 

If you do request this, it will be costly. Explained in this link 


Q.  What is the difference between 'Wardrobe Inserts' and 'Wardrobe Cabinets'?
The Inserts do not have any backs. Explained here in more details 


Q.  I started my quote this morning and came back this afternoon and it has disappeared, why?
A.  If your quote has 'disappeared', then this normally has happened because you have left your quote inactive for a period of time (greater than 20 minutes) and the on-line session timer has timed out. For example if you have gone to lunch and you had not saved your quote before you stopped working on it, then when you return from lunch your un-saved quote may have gone. See here for more information: 

TIP: The best way to save your quote is (after you have added a few cabinets) > Create a log-in account > then SAVE your quote. Then at anytime, you can securely log back on and edit/add to your quote as you need to. 


Q.  Can I order profile style doors?
Yes. We have a range of Shaker, Handle-less, Square, Arched profiles available (just to name a few). These are available in our Vinyl and 2-Pac Polyurethane Painted Door Range. See here 

TIP: To view the profile > When you select the colour, finish, face profile and edge profile of your door and drawer fronts, try drilling into the blue 'i' information buttons and you will see the type of door you are ordering.


Q.  Are Laminated bench tops included in your cabinet price? 
A.  No, laminate benchtops are an optional extra and priced separately. 
To get a Laminate Bench Top quote, click here 


Q.  Are your products waterproof? can I use them outdoors?
A. Sorry, our products are water resistant but not waterproof and so are not recommended for outdoor use.

Note: We hope to have Alfresco type materials available to order in the very near future.


Q.  I've heard that Dark colours and Gloss colour finishes are more prone to showing scratches, is this true?
A.  Yes this is true. Before ordering a dark colour or gloss finish please read these  


Q.   Do you have any OzFlatPack showrooms?
As we are an on-line business rather than a traditional 'brick and mortar' type business we don't have showrooms in all states. We only have the one showroom, but that is based at our central administration office in Mitchell, Canberra ACT. Most colour sample swatches however can be posted out to you directly from the manufacture of the actual laminate: 
The reason why we haven't invested in having showrooms all over Australia is because our builders and other trades people didn't want this extra overhead cost to added to the price of their flat packs as they didn’t need it, so our primary aim was to provide the highest possible quality, but at the lowest possible price


Q.   Can I drop-in to one of your depots or factories to see sample products or to discuss my quote?
A.  Sorry, this is not possible. The depots and factories are pick up outlets only. All enquiries are via OzFlatPacks web central 


Q.   Where can I get laminate colour samples from?
A.  You can log on to the suppliers websites (Laminex Industries or Polytec for example) and select the samples that you would like to see and they will post these out to you free of charge!  


Q.   Are your cabinets custom sized?
A.  Yes everything is made to your exact order, we do not stock anything on the shelves 


Q.   Can I pick-up my order or do you offer a delivery service to my home?
A. The choice is yours, as we offer both. 


Q.   How much is Delivery?
A.  Delivery is based upon both weight and distance. Once you start to add in your cabinets for your quote, the website will calculate the estimated weight and then once you select your post code for the delivery, the website will automatically return you back a freight estimation.


Q.   Why are their pick-up fees from a depot?
A.  Pick-up is FREE provided that you have selected a 'Factory Outlet '(as this is where the cabinetry is made). If you are not close enough to a Factory Outlet, then your job needs to be packaged (a special, custom made box is required to be made) and your job needs to be packaged up and on-freighted (via a national freight company) to a Depot so you can pick it up from there, so there are direct cost involved in doing this. Freighting a flat pack is not like posting a DVD or book, as the weight is considerably higher and we are unable to use Australia Post -We have to use national freight companies.

Note: The cost of the Depot pick-up is dependent on the weight, distance from Factory Outlet and Depot type.


Q.    I'm organising a vehicle for pick up, how long is the longest part?
A.  Well that's easy, it's just the longest part or cabinet that you have ordered. If you ordered a storage pantry cabinet 2350mm high x 1150mm long, then the longest part is 2350mm and the widest part is 1150mm, so you will need to ensure that as a minimum, your method of transport can cope with this size.   


Q.   Are the dimensions that I enter all external measurements?
A.  Yes. The height, width and depth of all our cabinetry is always the all external (overall) size, so ordering what you want is a breeze.



Q.   What is considered a 'standard' depth bench top?
A.  Bench tops along a wall are normally 600mm to 650mm in depth (front to back measurement). Any deeper and it becomes too far to reach comfortably.

Larger or smaller widths can be ordered to your exact measurements.

Note: the overhang of the bench top is normally 20mm past the front of the cabinet, for example: If the cabinet over-all depth (inc door) was to be 580mm (this is quite standard), then the bench top would normally be 600mm in depth (also referred to as 'width')


Q.   What is considered a 'standard' depth base cabinet? 
A.  A base cabinet underneath a bench top is typically 580mm deep or 20mm less than the benchtop depth, creating a 20mm front benchtop over hang forward from door face. 

Larger or smaller widths can be ordered to your exact measurements. 


Q.   I'm not much of a handy person so how hard is the assembly and install?
A.  Our range of cabinetry is easy to assemble, all the cabinets come pre-drilled and individually labelled. Each order is supplied with assembly and hardware list for cross-referencing. This documentation enables you to understand which screw goes where, this is unique to OzFlatPacks!.

An average cabinet takes approximately 20 minutes to assemble and a typical pantry cabinet approximately 40 minutes, cabinets are fast as well as easy to assemble.

Installation is easy as the plastic feet are all adjustable and cupboard backs are solid 16 mm board, finding a fixing point in the cabinet is easy, you can fix anywhere internally (unlike some of our competitors that still have 3mm, cheap, ply style backing).



Q.   Can I have my flatpack supplied already assembled?
A.  Sorry we don't offer an assembled option.


Q.   What is considered a 'standard' overall benchtop height from floor? 
A.  900mm is the traditional bench top height (inclusive of the bench top thickness), but we are finding that today taller heights are preferred. These are typically somewhere between 920mm to 950mm high, but with OzFlatPacks you can nominate the exact size that suits you, so custom sizing heights is easy and not expensive. 

TIP:  Decide what overall finished bench top height you would like your joinery  to be, then deduct the thickness of your bench top and the desired height of your kickboard and the balance is the base cupboard height that you will order.


Q.   What is the maximum height of your flat pack cabinetry? 
A.  2350mm high for a single tall cupboard (for example a pantry or wall oven tower), however if you 'stack' another upper wall cabinet on top of this you can easily acheive much, much greater heights. With our range you can acheive to the millimetre the exact height that you need, it's easy. 


Q.   What other cupboards to you supply, other than upper, base and tall?
A.  Wardrobes; Laminate benchtops; Oven Cabinets; Microwave Cabinets; Corner Cabinets; Corner Pantries; Diagonal Cabinets; Broom Cabinets; Open Shelves; Blind Corner Cabinets; Carcass Only Cabinets; Appliance Cabinets just to name a few. 

TIP: If our range of cabinets do not quite meet your needs, please request it in the 'Special Requests' box and we will look at your request and advise


Q.   I have more questions, can I find out more information?
A.  Yes, of course - OzFlatpacks can offer you assistance via our local (Toll free) help line 1300 876 778 - 8:30 am to 4 pm Mon to Fri (EST). Its a good idea to have your web site open on your computer at the same time you call. Or email us 

TIP: When quoting/ordering you will see a blue 'information' button next to each product providing you with additional information of that product.


Q.   Can I send my plans and I get you to quote off them?
A.  No, sorry, we don't offer this service. 


Q.   Can I talk to someone to get assistance with the web site? 
A.  Yes of course. OzFlatpacks can offer you assistance via our local (Toll free) help line 1300 876 778 - 8:30 am to 4 pm Mon to Fri (EST). Its a good idea to have your web site open on your computer at the same time you call. Or email us 


Q.   What type of edging do you use on your cabinet parts? 
A.  All parts are edged using Plastic ABS-PVC 1mm thick un-chippable, durable edging. 


Q.   Are bench tops supplied with machined joints and joining bolts?
A. Yes.OzFlatpacks supply benchtops with all joins machined and zip bolts for joining. 

Note: Any bench top cut-outs however (i.e sink, cooktops for example) are to be performed by you out on-site.


Q.   What type of cupboard backs do you use?
A.  All cupboards are supplied with solid 16mm back.  

Note: Excluding the range of Wardrobe Inserts.  Backs are not needed. If they had a back you wouldn't be able to install these into a normal builders wardrobe alcove. 


Q.   Do you use 16mm board for your drawer bottoms? 
A.  Yes. 


Q.   How long will it take to get my order to my home or depot?
A.  Once you have been advised that your job is ready in the factory and your final balance has been paid, your order will be released for freight or pickup. 

Note: You will need to add a few days for delivery.


Q.  How do I incorporate a Dishwasher opening in my design?
No ordering of cabinet is required, just leave a 600mm/605mm/610mm gap (i.e. open space)


Q.  Can I order accessories and have the cupboard custom made to suit?
A.  Yes absolutely. 

Not sure what you're looking for? visit Hettich for inspirations 

Then simply either contact us or put what you would like in the 'Special Request' box of that cabinet/item when creating your quote. We will have a look at it and see if we can accomodate your request.  We have access to literally thousands of cabinetry accessory items, so we are confident that we can find something which will do the job for you.


Q.  Do you drill for handles?
A.  No, sorry. This is a task completed by your installer on-site.



We hope that this information has been helpful for you.

If you need further help or more information on this topic please: 


Thank you, 
From all the team at OzFlatPacks