Instant Quotations

You can get an INSTANT quote right now, direct from this web site. Simply select what you want from the product bar at the top of the home page and enter the sizes that you want and start quoting - It's that easy! 

SAVING your quote: When you first access the website, the site is 'open' - meaning that you can instantly start adding cabinets to get the prices you need.

Note: If you do not SAVE your quote by registering your log-on details your quote will eventually disappear.

TIP: The best way to save your quote is (after you have added a few cabinets) > Create a log-in account > then SAVE your quote. Then at anytime, you can securely log back on and edit/add to your quote as you need to.  Explained here 

Hint: Our range of products even have a 'Special Request' box, where if you need to specify something a little different to what we have, you can do this here. Once you have submitted the quote to us for validation, we will check this and get back to you on any adjusted costs.



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