Leg Bases

These are screwed on to the base of the cabinet in the pre-located holes. The screw that you use are the 32mm screws supplied.

Tip: The pre-drilled location holes are an industry standard setting, however if you need to change this, you can screw the bases on literally anywhere you like. 


1. Layout the Leg Bases, ready to screw to the underside of the Bottom of the cabinet.


2. Note: This is the way that the Leg Base is located at the end of the cabinet (see image below of how the HEXAGONAL edge is facing the outside of the cabinet). Position them like this in all circumstances, UNLESS that side of the cabinet has the 'White Capped End' option or an 'Applied End' option selected. In this case simply rotate the Leg Base, so that the hexagonal edge of the Leg Base is facing towards the inside and the straight edge is facing towards the outside of the cabinet. Tip: If you get it wrong when coming to install the cabinet, simply unscrew the Leg Base, rotate it 180 degrees and then just re-screw it back on.


3. All Leg Bases screwed on, ready to go.




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