'Applied End' Panels:


'Applied Ends' are attached to the side(s) of the cabinet (typically in the same colour as the doors/drawer fronts). If the side of the cabinet is visible (seen) then ends are applied to professionally finish off the cabinet. 

1. Screw through the cabinet carcass and into the Applied End using the correct sized screws (typically 28mm or 30mm White Heads). Refer to detailed Assembly Instruction sheet which explains which screw attaches to what and how many are required.
Tip: Don't use a screw that is too long and be careful of driving the screw into the carcass material when screwing it up, as you do not want the tip of the screw cracking or poking through the Applied End panel. (Note: This should not happen if screwed in normally).
Below is an Applied End on a base cabinet:


Tall cabinet example:





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