Session Timings


If your quote has 'disappeared', then this normally has happened because you have left your quote inactive for a period of time (greater than 20 minutes) and the on-line session timer has timed out. For example if you have gone to lunch and you had not saved your quote before you stopped working on it, then when you return from lunch your un-saved quote will be gone. 

5 minutes prior to timing out, the system automatically warns you and you can just simply click the 'refresh session' button (see below) and the timer will automatically re-set for you and you can continue. If you are away from the computer of course then you won't see this message and if the inactivity is longer than 20 minutes, the virtual memory gets clear out. 


In theory you could work for hours and hours on the site without timing out, providing that you didn't have any periods of inactivity longer than 20 minutes. If so, the computer assumes that you are no longer in need of the information and the computer clears the memory so more memory space is made available for other new users.

To avoid possibly losing any work that you may have done, you will simply need to create a log-in account (if you have not already done so) and then save your quote. 

Once you have your quote saved to the on-line database, every time you click the 'Apply Changes' button when in a cabinet form, the changes are automatically saved, so it's all secure.




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