How To Save Your Quote


When you first start to add in your cabinetry, the quote is saved in virtual memory only, so that you can play around with the system in complete privacy. For more information on virtual memory, see here: 
Once you have added in your cabinetry and you would like to actually save your quote (or you have added in a few cabinets and would like to save and continue in case of possible internet failure), here is how to do it:

  1. Click on the ‘Finished Adding Product to Quote’ button:

  2. You will need to select whether you want to pick it up from a Factory Outlet. Depot, or if you want it home delivered.
    Note: The system defaults alphabetically to the ACT pick-up option, but you can change this to another pick-up location.

    a) You can select a different Factory Outlet or Depot option that is closest to you. If you need more information on the differences between a Factory and a Depot Outlet, see here: 
    Here is how to select a different Factory Outlet or Depot option:

    b) If you would like it to be Home Delivered (instead of pick-up), here is how to do this:

  3.  When you are ready to save your quote, click the 'Save Changes' button:


  4. In order to save your quote, you will now need to create a simple online log-in account with your details, so click the 'Register and Save' option. If you already have a log-in account, just select the 'Log in and Save' option:

  5. Enter in your details, then click the 'I'm not a robot' button (at the bottom of the page):

    Tip: There are two registration types - a 'Quick Registration' (set as default) which just requires your basic details, or a 'Full Registration' (see image below) which is a combination of your basic registration details plus other details (e.g. address, phone number, etc). If you have the time, complete the full registration option, otherwise just leave it as a 'Quick Registration' and fill out the remaing details at a later time.


  6. Click the 'Register and Save' button to save your registration details.
    Note: When you do this, you will automatically be saving your quote as well.

    Note: Once the registration details have been saved to the database, they will be automatically sent to your email inbox (should you need this at a later date). You will also see this message:


  7. Your quote is now saved and will show up as a quote number in the top left of the quote screen - this is your quote number.
    You can continue to add further items or amend any current items in your quote (if needed), and any change that you make will now be automatically saved.
    Once you are happy with your quote, you can click on the 'Send Quote to autocheck' button, and your quote will be sent to the quoting staff at OzFlatPacks to be validated.

    Once the quote has been submitted for validation, you will get a message displayed and you will get a full copy of your quote emailed to your inbox.
    Note: If you don't get either of these, then your quote has not been correctly submitted to us.

    OzFlatPacks webserver would have sent you two emails, one being the Registration Confirmation' email (containing your registration details with OzFlatPacks) and the other being a full copy of your submitted quote for validation (see: Quote ID: Number email):


  8. We will also get an automatic copy of the Quote email at Web Central, which we will validate. Once we have validated your quote, you will receive a validation email with any questions/queries that we may have about your quote, plus the deposit amount required and the payment details to get this job underway.
    Note: In the validation process, the quoting staff at OzFlatPacks will be checking your quote for any special requests that you may have, and will also do a general check of your quote as well.

  9. Once you pay the deposit, we will then put your job into the pre-production process for manufacturing.


We hope that this information has been helpful for you.

If you need further help or more information on this topic please: 


Thank you, 
From all the team at OzFlatPacks