4. Home Delivery - Local

The local home delivery option is only available for deliveries within a maximum 25km radius (up to 50 kms max round trip there and back) from the factory outlet (not available from depot outlets, sorry). It is the most affordable method of delivery as it's done by the factory outlet, rather than having to engage a transport company. This option is popular providing you live close to the factory outlet.

If you aren't close enough to a factory outlet to take advantage of the local home delivery, don't worry as we deliver Australia wide. Just go to our '5. Home Delivery - Australia Wide' for more information.

Here is a list of current Factory outlets:

  • ACT - MITCHELL 2911
  • VIC - KILSYTH 3137

Deliveries are done on normal week days from Mon to Fri (public holidays & RDO's excluded) and are normally done between 8am and 3:30pm. However, these times may vary slightly depending upon current workloads of that factory at the time your job is completed. Once the final balance has been paid (cleared), the factory outlet will notify you of a date and estimated time for the delivery to occur. Please advise the factory if there are any special access problems with your delivery address, so that they can take any appropriate measures.
Note: If paying via cheque, please allow five business days for this to clear before we can organise delivery.

A total flat pack can weigh anywhere from 40kg to 1+ tonne (depending upon the size of the order) and an average base cabinet weight is around 42kg. A typical kitchen has 300+ individual parts plus the hardware, so there can be quite a number of individual items, making local delivery more appealing.

Some customers opt to have the flat packs delivered to their work address (so long as the delivery area is at ground level), because it's more convenient for them. From there they can ‘strip’ the box at their leisure and transport the parts to their home, using a work vehicle/trailer, etc. If you work in an office building, please note that we don't deliver up flights of stairs, etc, so someone must meet the delivery driver at the front of the building. Also, some office buildings won't allow drop offs to occur without a signature from the receiver or parking access may be difficult.


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