1. Pick-up -Factory Direct

This is the most preferred option as it is the most convenient for our customers and also because it is free!

You can pick-up Mon through to Fri, however each factory may have slightly different times, so once you have paid the balance and you have been notified that it is ready for pickup, you just need to give them a call (normally it's between the hours of 8am to 3pm as a guide).

If the factory outlet is not close enough to you, then you can choose the other option which is '2. Pick-up -Depot Direct' as we have over 150 depots to choose from Australia wide.

To view all the factory outlets, please click here:

For factory direct pick-ups, the components of the job will be supplied 'loose' ('loose' typically meaning bundled into 2, 3 or 4 like sized parts) and either stacked on a trolley or on a pallet for easy transfer, ready for you to load directly into your own vehicle, trailer or truck. The reason why it's done this way is that it makes it far easier for you to stack into what ever method of transport that you have, i.e stacking into a trailer is different to stacking into a station wagon for example. If it's all stacked as one complete job, then it won't fit into the boot of a car or be able to be fork lifted onto a box trailer, for example. Supplying it loose means that you can load your job to suit whatever vehicle that you have, easy.
Each part is individually numbered, so sorting them out on site is easy.

At the quoting stage, as you add cabinets to your quote, the total weight will be tallied up automatically for you, so you will know the weight and you can then determine if you can pick this job up in one trip or two, or perhaps you need to rent or borrow a bigger method of transport.

Another common pick-up question is how long is the longest part? well that's easy, it's just the longest part or cabinet that you have ordered. If you ordered a storage pantry cabinet 2350mm high x 1150mm long, then the longest part is 2350mm and the widest part is 1150mm, so you will need to ensure that as a minimum, your method of transport can cope with this size.

You will be given notice by email when the goods are ready to be pickup (when they are finished and ready in the factory) and once the final payment made (cleared), the goods will be marked as being ready to leave the factory. 

TIP: Bring some old blankets, cardboard packing or rags to help to prevent damage in transport, also bring enough ties or ropes to securely fasten into your vehicle.  If it is raining, you will need to bring a tarp (only if the cabinetry is exposed to the outside elements of course).

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Packed on a trolley ready for Pick-up

Packed on a skid ready for Pick-up

Pick-up via Trailer