2. Pick-up -Depot Direct

Depot direct pick-ups are very popular because they are usually a good, cost effective way to avoid having to pay the additional costs associated with home deliveries or having to travel long distances to get to the closest factory outlet.

There are currently 150+ depot outlets all accross Australia so chances are we have one close to you! We are expanding the depot outlets all the time to cater for the growing needs of our customers in all corners of Australia. 

So just put all your flat packs into your on-line quote and then select your depot outlet, as that way you will give you the best possible depot price, instantly (as the price is worked out by total weight and distance from the manufacturing factory).

The more you buy, the more economical the depot price will be for you, however if your job is a very small one (say only a couple of cabinets), sometimes it will actually be more cost effective to get it home delivered as freight companies are very cost competitive on small, light weight packages for home deliveries (as they can use smaller trucks) whilst the depots have to incorporate depot holding/storing fees. The good news is that you can simply aternate between the dept and pick-up options to find the option that best suits you.

To get a quick idea of where all the depots and factories are located, please click here:

The red flags indicates a depot or factory outlet. For a more detailed list, please visit the 'Locations' tab at the top of the page, as they are all listed there.


Flat Packs can be quite large and heavy, so in most cases they will be all packaged in a box or maybe two or more, depend on the size of teh order, so the method of transport from the depot to your home (or site address) will need will be one that the depots forllift driver can simply load with their forllift directly on to, for example:

  • Ute (with drop down tray sides to create a flat bed)
  • Flat bed Trailer
  • Flat bed truck


So please ensure that your transport method that you will be using will suit this, as the depots don't do hand loading due to OH&S regulatuions.


Common Question: Why is pick up not free?

Pick-up is free providing that you have selected a Factory Outlet (as this is where the cabinetry is made). If you are not close enough to a Factory Outlet, then your job needs to be packaged (a special, custom made box is required to be made) and your job needs to be packaged up and on-freighted (via a national freight company) to a Depot so you can pick it up from there, so there are direct cost involved in doing this. Freighting a flat pack is not like posting a DVD or book, as the weight is considerably higher and we are unable to use Australia Post -We have to use a national freight companies.

The cost of the Depot pick-up is dependent on the weight, distance from Factory Outlet and Depot type (see below for an explanation of the different Depot types), however is all cases we heavy subsidize all our freighting costs as we want your business (and we actually freight at a loss to do this). 


Types of Depots:

There are 2 types of Depots that we offer

  • Depot-1 -Factory to freight companies associated depot
  • Depot-2 -Factory to main depot and then to satellite depot

The cheapest option is to select a Depot-1 type, as this is classed as 'Factory to Depot direct' however given that Australia is so vast it is not possible to have 'Factory to Depot direct' depots in every point of Australia.

The 'Factory to main depot and then to satellite depot' (Depot-2 type) requires another freight Company to on-freight the job to the satellite depot. Whilst this is usually a little more expensive, these 'satellite' depots are often located in rural Australia, so they provide a very cost-effective method of Depot pick-up when compared with Home Delivery or yourself having to travel vast distances to pick-up.

Tip: If you have to choose between a Depot-1 and Depot-2, the Depot-1 will be usually be a more cost effective solution. Better still, if you are close enough to the Factory Outlet, you can pick-up up from there for free (so select the factory Outlet option to save money). Sometimes it is worth the saving to travel a bit extra to a Depot-1 type or a Factory Outlet and pick-up from there, either way the choice is yours.  


General Packing Information:

The components will normally be packed into a fork-liftable box(s) ready for our freight company to pickup from the manufacturing factory and deliver it to the depot outlet.

As an example a typical kitchen has 300+ individual parts plus the hardware, so there can be quite a number of individual items. For this reason the packing of the flat packs needs to be the best that it can be, which is why (for medium to large jobs) we make a solid box as this reduces the risk of possible freight company/courier damage. We try to use only 1 box wherever possible, as this also reduces the chance of the freight company only supplying the depot with an incomplete order because they have temporarily misplaced the other box.

A total flat pack can weigh anywhere from 40kg to 1+ tonne, depending upon size of the order. If the package is small enough, then it will be bundled and wrapped & shipped as a normal parcel but this would then often be more economical to send via our home delivery service (in option 5) but given that an average base cabinet weight is around 42kg, this does not happen often. It is not uncommon for a flat-pack kitchen to weigh between 700Kg and around a tonne, so it can get pretty heavy.


You will be notified as soon as the job is finished and ready to go from the factory and once final payment has been received (cleared), it will be marked 'ready for dispatch' and the freight company organised to pick it up. You will then be sent all the freight companies details, con note, box size(s) and weight(s), etc so you can 'track and trace' your job live (in real time) on-line until it reaches the depot where you will be notified that it is ready for you to pick it up.

The depot outlets have allowed a 5 working day window for you to pick this job up, as they can’t afford to have jobs lying around in their depots for weeks on end. If the job hasn’t been picked up after the 5 day period, the depot outlets may charge you a storage fee for each week that you delay picking up, so it’s best to pick this up with the 5 workings day period.

The depot outlet will assist you in getting the flat pack box onto your awaiting FLATBED trailer/ute with their fork lift, so please ensure that whatever method of transport you decide to use, it’s is forklift friendly (otherwise you will need to remove the lid from the box manually with a battery drill and hand un-load the box and into your awaiting method of transport -which takes at lot more time to do). Once the box is loaded, tie it down (secure it) and if it's raining you will need to bring a tarp. Once home you can un-load it at your leisure.

Note: Your job will be packaged as best as we can at our end. The box will be supplied undamaged from the factory and the transport driver will see this as it is loaded onto the truck. If the truck driver notices any damage on the shipment packaging, they will not accept it (as they may be held liable when it reaches the other end). So rest assured that when it leaves us it is in the best possible condition. A good way to tell if goods have been mishandled during transport is by looking at the box when at the depot outlet to check for any external damage, as sometimes if there is external damage, there could be some minor internal damage as well so if you do notice this, please take a picture(s) as this may help later one if there should be something damaged internally.

Our freighted flat packs are the best packaged of all the flat pack suppliers because our goal is to get it to you in one piece and undamaged.

NOTE: There is an option to take out some freight insurance and you can enter the estimated amount that you want to insure for. This is not mandatory and is entirely up to you if you would like this option or not. 

For more information on all the possible Pick-up and Delivery options, please click here.


We hope that this information has been helpful for you.

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Example of Australian Depots & Factories

Pick-up via Ute with Drop down sides

Job boxed at Depot -Ready for Pick-up