Sizes of Cabinets & Number of Cabinets


1. Smaller cabinets have less material than larger cabinets therefore costing you less.
2. Ordering 1x larger cabinet is cheaper than ordering 2x cabinets equalling the same width.
3. The more cabinets that you order the more it will cost, so sometimes you may need to modify your design if it is exceeding your budget or maybe you will need to order most of it now and the rest at a later date.


Ordering involves looking at the size of a cabinet and choosing to go for one cabinet or smaller sized cabinets.

When ordering 1 cupboard can SAVE you money...: If you have a space of 1100mm it will be cheaper to order 1x 1100mm cabinet rather than 2x  550mm cabinets or say order 1x 900mm and 1x  200mm (just as long as the sum of the cabinet/s equals to size that you need). There are less materials in a 1100mm cabinet and also less labour costs in the cutting, machining, scanning, packing and freighting.

Advantages: Gain storage space; Save on material costs; Save on assembly and installation labour (i.e. installers tend to quote by the quantity of cabinets).
Disadvantages: Taller or wider cupboards can be awkward and heavy and typically require 2-man assist; Aesthetically, 2 cabinets might look better than one and so this is when design v's cost is a consideration.


When the cabinet you require exceeds our maximum cabinet width/height... Let's say you need a cabinet 2200mm wide and you have exceeded the maximum cabinet width available in our range, then you will have to order two (or more) cabinets in any combination you like. Example: 1x 1100mm and 1x 1100mm  or  1x 733mm and 1x 733mm and 1x734mm just to name a few (just as long as the sum of the cabinets equals to the size you need). 

Advantages: Cupboards are smaller and easier to install, requiring only 1x installer; Aesthetically more cupboards might look better or be more practical than one oversized cupboard: 
Disadvantages: More cupboards cost more money as it costs more in materials, packing and freighting; Increases assembly and installation labour.



Q. What if I want a cabinet 1350mm wide? or 2400mm high?
A.  In our cabinet range you will find that there are miniumum and maximum ranges. Our system will not accept a size outside of these ranges. In this instance, you will need to reconsider your options and split the required size into additonal cupboards.


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