Special Request


This is a fantastic feature of our website that our customers absolutely love and one that sets us apart from all the other flatpack suppliers! 

This level of customisation gives you even more flexibility to get exactly what you want.  So if you need something special to be done to a product, you simply:

  1. Enter this in the 'Special Request' field.
  2. Submit your quotation for validation so that we can review your ‘Special Request’.
  3. Once received, the 'Special Request' is handled personally by one of our highly trained staff here at OzFlatPacks . If we are unsure of what you have requested, we will seek clarification and personally reply to each 'Special Request'.
  4. You will be advised if the 'Special Request' is possible for us to do, and if there are any cost variation/adjustments involved. 

TIP:  When entering your text, please use letters and numbers only in the box as there are some un-friendly characters that corrupt export files, and these will not be saved (e.g " ' @#$%^&*()<>?) 


Typical examples of a 'Special Request' (but not limited to):

  • Add Single Hanging Rail
  • Set doors down 20mm below the cabinet
  • Door to be bi-folding
  • Top drawer not as deep as the other drawers below
  • Add push-to-open to this cabinet
  • Curved shelving
  • Add an under cabinet light
  • Add 2 vertical dividers in cupboard
  • Add Solid Top to this cupboard
  • Bottom shelf Fixed 400 off floor. Second shelf Fixed 720 off Floor and 2x Adjustable Shelves above

TIP: Keep it short, simple and to the point - We don't need to know why, we just need to know what you want.

Note: We can only act on 'Special Requests' once you have submitted your quote to us for validation.


We hope that this information has been helpful for you.

If you need further help or more information on this topic please: 


Thank you, 
From all the team at OzFlatPacks