Laminated (Square Edged) 


Laminated Doors (also known as Melamine) are the most cost effective and durable option, and they come in an extensive range of colours to suit any decor.

Note: Laminate doors are plain faced (i.e no face profile) and square edged with a seen finished edge.

This is a melamine material with a High Moisture Resistant Particleboard substrate. The door and drawer front is coloured front and back. The edge bandings are 1mm thick ABS/PVC plastic (impact resistant edge), which is glued on and colour matched as close as possible to the door colour. 

All our laminated doors and drawers are made from 16mm thick board material manufactured right here in Australia, and comply 100% with Australian standards - We don't import or use inferior laminated boards to make our doors.

The typical lead time on laminate finishes is approximately 3 weeks from deposit to ready in the factory.



We offer the following styles of standard Laminated doors and drawer colours:-

  1. Commodity White - Standard 'White' Colour (most cost effective option)

  2. Solid & Pattern Standard Colours 

  3. Woodgrain Standard Colours

  4. Gloss Solid Standard Colours

  5. Gloss Woodgrain Standard Colours

  6. Your Choice - As the name suggests, if you want a specific colour you can use the 'Your Choice' range

For Kickboards, there are additional Laminate (Melamine) colour options to select from, see here:


Styles & Profiles:

The Laminate option has only 1x Style & Profile and that is an Un-profiled, flat face - otherwise known as plain, see here for more information: 

NOTE: If you prefer a particular face profile or seamless edged doors, then you will need to select from a different door style, see here: 


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