Care and Maintenance:  Laminate Doors


Your Laminate (aka Melamine) doors and panels are manufactured from the highest quality materials to provide years of trouble free service.
Whilst made from a moisture resistant substrate panels cannot be made totally waterproof  so extra precautions should be taken to wipe up spills immediately, ensuring the doors are not exposed to high or continuous levels of moisture, steam and humidity.
Laminate is an easily cleaned and hygienic surface which can be maintained by occasionally wiping over with a damp clean cloth. Soiled surfaces can usually be cleaned with a clean cloth dampened with warm soapy water or a mild household detergent and wiped with a damp clean cloth to remove any remaining soap or detergent, and then dried.
Spillages must be removed immediately, the area washed with warm soapy water to remove any remaining spilled liquid or powder, finished with a damp soft cloth and then dried. If, after removing the spillage, a stain remains, you should use a mild abrasive such as white toothpaste applied with a soft cloth or soft toothbrush.
Finish with a damp clean cloth and then dry.
Laminate doors and panels should be cleaned as follows:
Using a mild household spray, wipe down the door or panel with a soft cloth taking care not to rub too hard. Dry using a soft cloth so as not to leave any solvent on the door or panel.
You can also use Methylated Spirit on a soft cloth using a circular cleaning motion. Thoroughly clean over the area with water and detergent on a damp cloth afterwards to remove any residual Methylated Spirits.
To ensure that your guarantee will not be void, DO NOT use any of the following on Melamine doors and panels:
  • Commercial Cleaning Products,
  • Abrasive Cleaners,
  • Scouring Pads,
  • Steel Wool or Wire-Wool Soap Pads
  • Abrasive Papers,
  • Strongly Acidic, Alkaline cleaners or Bleach,
  • Solvents, 
  • Thinners,
  • Turpentine,
  • Ammonia,
  • Acetone, and
  • Any other cleaning agents containing organic solvent or the above mentioned products.
  • Note: Laminex Industries have tested the cleaning product "Pine O'Cleen" in May of 2017 and has found that the chemical make up in this product has an adverse effect with the MDF substrate used in the construction board material. So much so that it can almost instantly cause the MDF substrate to begin to swell if it comes into contact with this product and it is for this reason that OzFlatPacks does not recommend or warrant the use of this product "Pine O'Cleen", as Laminex Industries will not cover their warranty if they find that this product has been found to have been used. 

Here is the link to Laminex Industries Care and Maintenance information: 


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