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Laminate Bench Top: Fact Sheet 101


Laminate is the most cost effective surface for bench tops, manufactured from layers of paper, with a decorative paper providing the colour/pattern and an overlay providing durable properties. It is considered a good environmental choice, with all decorative papers free of elemental chlorine.
Laminate is a decorative surface; most commonly used in bench tops (horizontal) but can also be used in vertical applications. It’s used widely in kitchens, bathrooms and laundries, including bench tops around ovens and hot plates. It is not recommended for exterior use or as a splashback surface behind gas appliances
The laminate is bonded to a substrate board (such as moisture resistant particleboard) and then is carefully heated and then curved around the edge(s) to create a shaped (post formed) bench top. 
  • Laminate has good durability including resistance to surface wear, boiling water (up to 180ºc) dry heat, impact and staining. However direct exposure to steam, or direct radiant heat can cause a moderate change in colour or gloss level. Cigarette burns can cause moderate change in gloss level and moderate brown staining
  • The laminate that we use conforms 100% with Australian Standards (AS/NZS 2924.1) 
Dispelling the Myths:
  • Laminate is plastic – laminate is made from layers of paper and is not plastic. The paper is resin forced with thermosetting resins
  • Laminate is not durable – laminate is very durable for interior applications and meets all Australian standards. Laminate bench tops that are maintained and cared for will last many decades
  • Laminate doesn’t look like stone – digital printing has allowed even greater print clarity and realistic stone patterns to be printed onto paper that are then manufactured into laminate. Choosing specialist laminates such as Laminex's 'DiamondGloss' and Squareform (Tightform) front profiles (38mm thick) provide even better stone interpretations.

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