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Don't worry, as this website is packed full of helpful information/tips/tricks and answers to many questions. We also have a help desk available with highly trained staff to answer all your questions.

We understand that often you are browsing our site after hours and may not be able to contact us for an instant answer to your question. That is why we have put a lot of informative information within this site and you can browse the information that you need, often in a couple of clicks.  We also have some links to tutorial videos that can also be very helpful, especially if you are just starting out.

The top navigation menu contains lots of product and common information (like benefits, FAQ's, locations, etc).

The bottom navigation menu contains lots of information on a range of different topics (like design, materials, resources, etc).


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  • To view a quick over-view video of the website:

  • What makes these cabinets different from the rest? Well they are fully customizable Smart Cabinets - Yes, that's right, smart cabinets made to your exact sizes plus other fantastic features!:

  • About quotations:

  • How Flat Pack Cabinets are Manufactured in Australia (video):

  • Cost considerations to think about:

  • For all sorts of design tips:

  • For frequently asked question (FAQ's):

  • Locations of Factories and depots in Australia:

  • Benefits with using OzFlatPacks:



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