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You have the choice to either pick-up your order from one of our factory outlets direct, have it sent to one of our many depots and pick it up from there (chances are there is one near you) or alternatively you can either have it home delivered (Australia wide) or have it packed and boxed and you organise the on-freighting yourself (at your cost) - the choice is yours.

Why is Depot pick up not free whereas a Factory Direct pick up is free?
Pick-up is free providing that you have selected a Factory Outlet (as this is where the cabinetry is actually made). If you are not close enough to a Factory Outlet, then your job needs to be packaged (a special, custom made box is required to be made) and your job needs to be packaged up and on-freighted (via a national freight company) to a Depot so you can pick it up from there, so there are direct cost involved in doing this. Freighting a flat pack is not like posting a DVD or book, as the weight is considerably higher and we are unable to use Australia Post -We have to use a national freight companies.

The cost of the Depot pick-up is dependent on the weight, distance from Factory Outlet and Depot type.
For small orders we actually run the depot costings at break-even point or just below but with normal sized orders we actually pay a proportional cost of the depot costing for you and if the order is large enough we actually pay a much higher proportion of this cost). We do this
because of economy of scale (a proportionate saving in costs gained by an increased level of production), so it helps you and us in the long run. See example below:

For more information on Depots Costs:

for an explanation of the different Depot types.
In all cases however, we heavy subsidize all our freighting costs as we want your business (and we actually freight at a loss to do this). 

For more information on Factories, Depots and pick-up or delivery:


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