The Width is the overall outside (external) width of the cabinet itself, from the outside Left End to the outside Right End - It excludes any Applied Ends (covered end panels/gables) or any Fillers.

You can enter your own custom Width in the box provided.

Note: All dimensions are to be in millimetres (mm) only.

Note:  You can enter any measurement up to a maximum of 1150mm width for base & tall cupboards.

Note: If you select an Applied End (i.e. covered end panels and/or a filler panel) as an end finish option, then these are add-ons and are added on to the cabinets width.

Tip:  The ideal single door size to aim for is around 400mm to 450mm in width (per door), so it is a good idea to try and work these sizes into your design. Once you go to a cabinet beyond 900mm wide, you are dealing with a large cabinet. Although it may be more cost effective, it’s normally not the best way as the shelves have a higher possibility of bowing over a span of over 900mm, but it all depends upon the design, the space you have available and what you want to put into the cabinet.

Tip: If you want an 800mm cabinet, then it's cheaper to order one 800mm cabinet than two 400mm cabinets. If the cabinet exceeds the max width size available, then you will have to order this as two cabinets (and then just simply screw them together to form one long cabinet). For example, if you wanted a cabinet 1350mm wide, you could order one at 900mm and one at 450mm, or say one at 1000mm and one at 350mm (just so long as the sum of both the cabinets equals your required size).


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