Height (Base Cabinet)


The height that you enter is just the height of the actual cabinet, and is the external (overall) outside height of the cabinet itself - it excludes any bench top thickness or kickboard height.

You can enter your own custom Height in the box provided.

Note: All dimensions are to be in millimetres (mm) only.

Note: If there is to be a kickboard with this cabinet (there normally is - as a kickboard hides the plastic legs and encloses the areas underneath the cabinets for sanitary and aesthetic reasons), then there is another field that you can enter this height, and the computer will automatically advise you of the cabinet plus kick board height. This way you can be sure that you haven't made a mistake.

Note: A kick board height can be anywhere from 90-170mm high, so it really depends on how high you would like this to be. Most people prefer to have the kickboard around 120-130mm, so that the kickboard doesn't look too big.



Q. How do I calculate the height of my base cabinet?
A. A typical base floor cabinet height today is either 720mm or 750mm, but with our online quoting system you can enter the exact height that you need - so why settle for standard?

TIP: When determining the height of your base cupboard, you would first determine the overall finished height of your cabinets – See an example calculation below:

I want the ‘finished height’ to be 920mm (from floor to the top of the bench top). 
I want the bench top to be a laminated, rolled edge top, and it will be 34mm thick. 
I want the height of my kickboards to be 120mm.
The new flooring that I am putting down is 16mm thick.

You now have all the measurements that you need to work out your base cupboard height:

920mm (finished height) LESS 34mm (bench top thickness) LESS 120mm (kickboard height) LESS 16mm (flooring thickness) = Height Balance of base cupboard 750mm.

Note: Bench Tops are not included. 

  • Laminate bench tops can be ordered separately here: 
  • 16mm or 18mm Thick solid bench tops can be ordered separately here: 

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