Carcass Only 


If ticked 'Yes', then this cabinet is supplied as a 'Carcass Only', and as such excludes doors and/or drawer fronts, hinges, hinge mounts, drawer runners, adjustable feet, adjustable feet bases, and any other hardware.

Note: The 'Carcass Only' cabinet range however, does come with the pre-drilling for the screws, cams, hinge mounts (both ends of cabinet if not an open unit), and pre-drilling of the screw holes only for the location of the drawer runners. They also come with all screws and cams for the cabinet assembly.


Q.  What is 'Carcass Only' and is it suitable for my needs?
A.  'Carcass Only' is just that - it is the internal components of the cabinet only, and is made from 16.3/16.5mm WHITE Laminate (Melamine), with a HMR PB (High Moisture Resistant Particle Board). NOTE: No Doors, No Drawer Fronts and No Hardware are supplied. 

The White board we use is Australian made and conforms to Australian standards. The edging is a 1mm thick ABS White edging and is very durable.

NOTE:  If you have selected an 'Open Unit' and ticked the 'Carcass Only' option, please be advised that the material that the unit will be made from, will be the 'Carcass Only' material (White). If you have selected normal cabinets for the rest of your job, with say an exterior Coloured Laminate, Vinyl or Poly Paint for your door selection, selecting this open unit as a 'Carcass Only', will mean that this unit will not match the rest of your exterior colour choice.  Only select the 'Carcass Only' option if your are sure that this is what you want (i.e a 'White' open unit).

Q.  Who would normally purchase the 'Carcass Only' option?
A.  This option is aimed at the Cabinetmaker/Trade Professional, who typically have their own stock (of (Hettich) Drawer Runners, Hinges, Hinge Mounts, Adjustable Legs, etc), so they just want the carcass only, and are happy to source their own Doors and/or Drawer Fronts from elsewhere, or make their own. 

Note: Most importantly, the Trade Professional has the knowledge to work out the exact door and drawer front sizes they require, and have the specialized machinery to drill the door hinge holes and/or drawer fronts holes accurately and correctly. Most door suppliers will not drill the door hinge holes, nor drawer front mounting bracket holes when supplying doors and drawer fronts. For this reason, the 'Carcass Only' option is not recommended for the typical DIY Customer, as they either lack the knowledge to be able to drill these correctly, or lack the skills to correctly order the door and drawer fronts to the correct sizes to fit the carcass.

Note: If the cabinet is a drawer cabinet type, then the 'Drawer Front Gap' at the top is 3mm, and between the ascending Drawer Fronts is 2mm, so you will need to make this allowance when working out your final Drawer Front sizes.


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