Dark Colour Note



Dark laminate colours are more prone to showing up even the slightest mark or light scratch. This is because the colour that you see is actually just a printed piece of paper and if this gets scratched or marked (remember it's only paper thick), then the white back ground comes through, so if the colour is a light off-white colour, then with a white background you most likely wouldn't even notice this at all (invisible), however with a dark colour on a white background, the light white is highlighted.

Lighting also plays a major role in this as well, as a piece of laminate viewed under normal manufacturing factory lighting shows up as being fine may appear very different under the lighting in your home. Even the casting of light may mean that this is visible in the morning, but not during the evening or vise versa. 

Whilst we take every precaution during manufacturing to ensure we are as careful as we can be, we cannot eliminate all possible slight manufacturing marks. Mostly however, we have found that any such marks actually come from the laminate manufacturing process itself (before it has come to us) and there is nothing that we can do about this. It’s not a fault in the manufacturing process, it’s solely to do with the colour itself and the base colour and there is nothing that can be done about it.

The dark solid (non-patterned) colours are the worst offenders and as such we don't recommend using these and suggest a light colour or at the very least a dark patterned colour (as a pattern appearance will reduce the visability of light scratches), 

Tip: Often with slight marks, applying a small amount of WD40 to the area and wiping off can mask this, as it has to do with the oil base in the WD40. 


If this poses a problem for you, please select a different (lighter) colour.


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