Some parts need to be manually cut down (Re-Rip) after the CNC and/or Edging process has finished. This is because of 2 reasons:

  • The part is either too small to be cut (without moving) on the CNC machine (typically anything under 75mm).
  • Or the Edge Bander is unable edge the part again, because the part is too small to run through the machine (typically anything under 75mm).

If this is the case, then this will be noted in the Comments field on the label (to inform the factory worker that the part needs a Re-Rip). This is important and has to be done. It is typically done by running the part through the table saw to the Re-Rip size. For example, the Comments field on the label may say "Re-Rip 30mm", so this tells the factory worker to re-cut the part to 30mm (note: This is the size after the edge has been applied of course).


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