The Depth is the over-all depth of the cabinet (Including any door and/or drawer front).

You can enter your own custom Depth in the box provided. 

Note: All dimensions are to be in millimeters (mm) only.

Tip: The typical Base Cabinet Depth is 580mm (as this suits perfectly a 600mm wide Bench Top, leaving a 20mm over-hang).

My Wall depth is 600mm, should I make my cabinet depth 600mm?:
Personally, we suggest leaving it a little short, nothing worse than having a cabinet protrude out past the face of the wall, even if it's just by a few millimeters (mm).
Some customers set the cabinet in from the wall say 5mm, but if the wall is out (different measurements top and bottom and/or different measurements left and right), you might have a 5mm set-in at the top and then down the bottom it ends up being 10mm set-in and when the cabinets are installed it looks like the cabinet is out of alignment whereas it is actually the wall that is out of alignment (and there is nothing that you can do about it). Normally, especially if there are variations such as these, it's a good idea to allow for the cabinet to be set in say 20/25 mm for example, as the extra distance lessens the visual impact of such variations when installed.

Note: Bench tops are not included (laminate bench tops can be ordered separately).


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