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Laminate (Gloss) - Woodgrain Colours


Laminate (also known as Melamine), is an extremely durable material choice for your Doors, Drawer Fronts, Open Shelves and Panels. It is suitable for use in all areas of high humidity, such as kitchen, laundry and bathroom cabinetry, but is also extensively used for bedroom wardrobes, shelving, storage and garage cabinets, as well as domestic and commercial furniture applications.

It is heat and moisture resistant, and the improved durability (due to the 1mm thick ABS impact resistant edging around the outside edges), has enabled laminate to re-capture an increasing large market share over recent years. Combine this with its low cost (compared to vinyl wrap or poly paint options), makes this an ideal option for DIY’ers on a budget (without having to sacrifice durability or quality).

The face of this material is flat (non-profiled) making this material very easy to clean. Its plain and un-cluttered look, makes it a very popular choice for today's trend toward a more minimalistic cabinetry design.


Standard Colour range

The range of colours that we offer is based on the most popular colour choices today, however if you require a different colour choice that’s fine, as we can cater for that as well. Just use the ‘Laminate (TBA) -Your Choice Colour’ option. See here for more information:  


Colour Sample:

If you require a sample colour chip (to check the colour, finish and feel), you can orgainse this direct from the laminate manufacturer themselves. They will post these out to you free of charge, or you can visit your local kitchen showroom who will have this laminate colour on public display.


Other Colours/Materials Available:

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Grain Direction

The grain direction for Doors, Drawer Fronts, Open Shelves and Panels (except Kickboards or Headboards) is always vertical (up/down). For Kickboards and Headboards it is always horizontal (left to right) - this is normal Cabinetmaking practice.

If you want the graining to run horizontal (left to right) then this is a Special Request, and there are things to consider:

  1. The Maximum height of a door, panel or part is 1180mm (as the sheet sizes are 1200mm, less cutting tool equals 1180mm max). Please check your design to see if you have any over-sized panels, and adjust your design if required.
  2. There is more material wastage with a horizontal graining option as opposed to vertical graining, so there will most likely be more material required (adding extra cost to your quote).
  3. Grain matching is not available, so if you have a few doors (say from left to right), the grain won't match up perfectly for each door. Whilst this is true of vertical graining as well (grain matching not available), it is more noticeable with horizontal graining, so this is something that you need to be aware of.
For more information on Laminate, see here: 

Note: Although care is taken to ensure the colours and patterns shown on this website are accurate, variations in colour can occur due to the difference in computer monitor quality, etc, so we recommend that your final choice be made with actual product samples. 


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