Wardrobe Inserts (these have NO solid backs)


For the budget conscience, wardrobes inserts are the cheapest most economical way to up-date your wardrobe. 

Very easy to install and can be customised in a countless number of ways so as to best suit your requirements and available space.

The 'White' melamine inserts (internals) are installed in a pre-existing space or a new space that you are building. 

Important Note: The inserts have been designed with no backs (except in the drawer unit)


Q.  How Do I order Wardrobe CORNER inserts?
A. To specify a 90 degree L-Shape corner configuration, see here: 


Q.  How do I order wardrobe inserts with solid BACKS?
A. If you would like a solid back option, you can order from the Wardrobe Cabinetry section and not the Wardrobe Inserts section.
TIP: If you need hanging rails (for example) in this type of cabinet, just put this in the 'Special Request' box



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